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What our customers are saying about our service

During that time, I was very concern as I had no information from Air Canada and I had to return ASAP because of my work. I contacted PC Travel since I purchased the ticket from there. I was fortunate to get Azeema on the line, she went above and beyond to provide me the best assistance possible. She was able to get me a flight the very next day on Delta Airline to Atlanta and also found me a flight from Atlanta to Toronto. She took the initiative to contact Air Canada on my behalf and work with them diligently to move old international return ticket to the flight from Atlanta to Toronto, as I result I did not have to pay any additional funds except the Delta flight. As you probably was aware the Air Canada customer service line was extremely busy, and Azeema did not give up in helping me. She called multiple times to inform me of her progress and successes well late into the night. I was very amaze this kind of service exist as I was in a serious predicament and desperate needs, she managed to fix it all for me. Her customer service skills and desire to help customer such as myself left a great impression on me, which has made me believe it was the right choice to purchase my plane ticket on Her action has make me a customer for life.

Her action has make me a customer for life.

Thank You!


It was soo easy finding our transfers and our hotels were awesome, especially the Palazzo G in Venice which was stunning!! We ended up getting a one day ferry pass in order to cross the grand canal to get to our hotel, but it come in handy to tour the city of Venice!

The option plus was extraordinarily awesome!! We had a different line to go through checking in and security which was great! On our flight back we had amazing seats with tons of leg room, snacks and drinks! Overall our option of Air Transat option plus was a 10/10.

The cruise was also great, the drink/gelato package was a lifesaver!!

Again, we can not thank you enough!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for organizing this trip for us!! We had a splendid time touring Italy, Greece, Albania, and Croatia. Your advice and assistance was greatly appreciated, we totally would have been lost or missed a flight/train/transfer if it wasn't for you!

Thank you :) :)

Raj and Ruby

I tried to book online a vacation package from July 28, 2017; however, I could not book successfully until today. As I called him, he explained why I failed to book a WestJet vacation and provided me with patient, dedicated, considerate, and attentive service. As a result, I booked 14 days’ vacation at the Hilton Puerto Vallarta from November 9 to 23 to celebrate my wife's birthday. Dean deserves to be highly recognized as an exemplary customer service agent.

Thanks so much.

Dong-Joo Kim

I had the pleasure of dealing with Shannon. I contacted Shannon approximately 1 month ago to start looking at vacations. Shannon has been one of the politest and patient people I have ever dealt with in public service. I will highly recommend using you again, and Shannon in the future. I hope to have the pleasure of working with her again soon.

Thank for a job very well done.



All was going smoothly for us, while there, until about 10 days into it. We were faced with strikes and protests and road blocks everywhere. With crowds marching and police in full riot gear. It was forecasted that there was no way for my family to get to the airport on the 14th as was originally planned. In a panic, I called and was fortunate to have Franca working for me. She searched and found flights for me. But by the time I could get things sorted out on our end, she had to search again for other options, as flights were filling quickly. She managed to book us a one-way flight and a different route. She talked me through everything and suggested we try our trip travel insurance to see if they would cover the costs. When I called insurance at that time, they doubted that it would be covered. We were desperate though and had to go with it. Franca reassured me that she had all of our flights figured out and arranged. (We just now had to get to the plane on our new date.) She really was very comforting, as it was total chaos in Cusco, Peru for us. It all worked out and we arrived home safely :)

(Also, our insurance did pay for the flights in the end!)

Franca was so helpful on the phone. She called me as was needed and made sure all was ok for us.

I just wanted to pass this on, so that she is recognized for the great job she had done!



This being the first time I have booked through a travel agent, she has eliminated any doubts I have booking through one. After booking through Franca we were reassured that we have booked in a place that matches what the family is looking for as well as receiving the best deal possible. I can tell that she really cares about her customers and am very impressed with what she did to satisfy our family’s request.

On June30th, I spoke to Franca about possibly booking a trip for my family, a group of 8. From our first conversation, I felt that she was really knowledgeable about hotels in Mexico and assessed our needs so she can offer what our family was looking for. She made it easy to coordinate the booking with the whole group and all I did was give my family her contact and they corresponded with her. Knowing that the Canada Day holiday was over the weekend, we kept corresponding on that day and she replied in a very timely manner which in turn allowed my family to book by the end of Day on June 30th. Upon reviewing our order, we wanted to do some changes the next day. We attempted to contact her but we really did not expect any reply until Monday because of the Holiday. Franca, replied and did her best to resolve the changes that we wanted. She went beyond what she needed to do and even faxed the supplier to ask if our request can be accommodated. On Monday July 3rd, even when she was supposed to be off, she contacted the supplier first thing and updated us through the progress. By Wednesday, our requests were honored and we even had a great deal. Thus, we finalized our booking with a presence of mind and we were 100% sure that we got the room we wanted, our request honored and bought it all for the BEST deal possible. All because of what Franca did for us.

I believe that Franca deserves to be recognized for providing customer service well beyond expectations of her customer. Our booking was treated as if it was her own vacation and she truly has stood up for the lost art of service!

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Very Sincerely,